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another day

6 nights... he has lived in his new life for 6 nights.

I am sleeping better over all... no longer listening for him.. didn't realize I had been doing that.. since he was born.. always one ear listening for him.

Sister Julie entered my dreams... words of consolation and then seeing her at the Peach festival.. she asked if I would take over the religious program again.. I was certified and they really had no one. My best firend panicked..what would I say.. and would it involve her?
I laughed.. NO... I am still going to follow my dreams... and that is not a part of them at the moment.

P came up and asked... What are your dreams now that child is gone and you are free to pursue them.. I didn't know then.. or needed to sort them out... I do now.. and always have.

I have dreamed about my hotel.. or camp or whatever it will be.. I will pursue it.. not sure where though do know mountains have to be nearby... it is where I will become complete.. I feel it deep in my soul.. I need to find thta place and all will be revealed... and so.. maybe I will spend hours on the internet looking or maybe I already know the place.. but I am open to the gods suggestions... and the circumstnces of life. It will happen... and now it can.. no longer having to worry about my son and school.. he will do his own thing now... I will figure out mine.

I am alone... but not alone.. none of us are and lately I have been shown just how not alone we really are.

7:27 a.m. - 2005-08-25


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